Electrolux 18000 Heat & Cool Air Conditioning Split System
Electrolux 18000 Heat & Cool Air Conditioning Split System
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Weight: 126.lbs
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Electrolux EXI18HS1WE 18000 BTU Heat & Cool Inverter Split Air conditioning System

Single Split Air Conditioners

Environmentally friendly air conditioning
by Electrolux.
Performance and environmental friendliness are an inseparable combination
on the new Electrolux air conditioners.
New ecological gases. By adopting
the new ecological gases that do not
harm the ozone layer, Electrolux has
chosen to protect the environment in
the safest way. Because improvement
of our daily well-being and respect for
nature and its balance have always
underpinned the Electrolux philosophy.

The innovative "inverter technology" is used to optimize operation of air conditioners according to real
environmental conditions in order to ensure maximum home comfort. A sophisticated electronic control
allows the rotation speed of the inverter motor to be automatically regulated to specific needs: it is
increased when the air conditioner must reach the required temperature rapidly, and reduced to keep it
stable. This gives remarkable advantages: low noise, energy savings and optimal temperature without
harmful sudden changes.

Nylon Filter. Fitted on all models, the dust filter captures most small dust particles in the air.
Easily removed for washing.
Active Carbon Filter. A special combination of an active carbon filter and electro-static fibre
filter. The first eliminates smells such as ammonia (NH3) and neutralizes harmful gas such as
formaldehyde (HCHO). The electro-static fibre filter exercises positive attraction on surfaces
and captures small dust particles, smoke and pet fur, avoiding allergies.
Bio HEPA. The Bio HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) filter comprises a special type
of organic enzyme and an ecological filter. The latter captures infinitesimal particles in the air
and neutalizes bacteria, fungi and microbes. The organic enzymes of the Bio filter mix with
the bacteria and gradually dissolve the outer walls of their cells until they are destroyed.
This eliminates the problem of their regeneration found in conventional air conditioning.
The Bio HEPA filter has a high sterilization capacity. With its combined effect, it eliminates
over 95% of bacteria and 99% of dust particles with dimensions below 0.3 micron from the
air that passes thru the filter.
Ionizer. By cleaning the air, anions can help promote improved lung function and can help to
decrease indoor allergens that can trigger asthma and allergies. Anions helps to eliminate dust and
smoke. When air passes through the ionizer brush, anions are automatically generated by ionization
(3400V high static field). The amount of anions can reach as high as 1,000,000/cm3. The anions
deactivate airborne chemical vapors and dust particles.


R410a Inverter
- R410a environmentally friendly refrigerant
- Inverter Technology
- Energy Rating A (EER)
- Air Filtration Integrated System: Nylon Filter,
Active Carbon Filter, Bio/HEPA Filter, Ionizer
- LCD Wireless Remote Control
- Electronic Control: Temperature Digital Display,
- Timer Function (24 Hour)
- 3 Fan Speeds: High, Medium, Low, Auto-Turbo
- Self-Diagnosis
- Electronic Display on evaporator
- 24-Hour On/Off Timer
- Sleep Economy Mode
- Auto-Restart
- Dehumidification
- Automatic Swing Louvers
- Safety Lock for temperature controls
- Rust-Proofing on External Units
- Heat Pump Models
- Automatic frost protection
Voltage: 220-240 Volt 50 hertz

Indoor - Net Dimension 850x225x305 mm
Indoor - Net/gross weight 11/15 kgs
Outdoor - Net Dimension 760x285x590
Outdoor - Net/gross weight 40/42.5 kgs



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