AustinAir HealthMate Standard
AustinAir HealthMate Standard
Item Number: #HM400
Weight: 47.lbs
Retail Price $995.00

Color: Black

Room size:  capable of up to 1500 sq. ft.

Air flow:   75-400 cfm

Voltage: 220-240

Energy consumption (max wattage):  120 watts

Noise level dB(A): 50-66

Filter replacement: no (5 year prorated warranty)

Casters: Yes      

Air Outlet: Side

Air Inlet: Four Sides        

Zero Ozone Emission: Yes

Energy star qualify: CSA and UL approved

Body Material: Powder Coated Steel

Mark Dimension: 23”x14.5x14.5         

Weight: 45 lbs.

AustinAir HealthMate Junior
AustinAir HealthMate Junior