Midea 12000 BTU Heat & Cool Split Inverter with Smart technology
Midea 12000 BTU Heat & Cool Split Inverter with Smart technology
Item Number: #MSMBBU-12HRFN1
Weight: 103.lbs

Welcome to the New age of Midea Smart & DC technology Split Air conditioners.  Being one of the leaders in the world of manufacturing of Split Air Conditioners, means they know how its done.  Midea has invested in its technology and reliability all over the world.  What this means to you is no more wondering if you left your air conditioner running, nor more higher than expected electricity bills, nor having to come home to an excessively Hot home, nor even waiting for your bedroom to cool so you can sleep, nor replacing lost remote controls or faulty ones because of corroded batteries left in . With Smart technology & the latest Inverter technology you can operate your air conditioner from your phone, check on its status, cool or heat before you arrive home, as well as monitor how its being used while you are not there.  A new large display remote is included, just in case someone at home needs to turn it on or off. The environment has never been happier, knowing that you are operating at 40 percent more efficiency than your conventional split air conditioners. Even more amazing, is the DC inverter technology that surpasses any approval or testing requirements for any country in the world that uses 220/240 voltage, and 50 or 60 hertz.  Lets not forget the Dual Purification Ionizer, which gives you fresh, clean, dehumidified air instantly.  Split users, be ready for the Midea Turbo function, which gives you the quickest Cool or Heat capability in just minutes. That's amazing, and you can expect even more breakthroughs with Midea, with its Split Air conditioners.  This is just the beginning.

Capacity: 12,000 BTU cooling/13,000 BTU heating
R410a environmentally friendly refrigerant
Full DC Inverter Motor
Energy Class A++/A+++
Noise Level:
- 25.5-26 dBA (Indoor, 12k)
- 56-63.5 dBA (Outdoor, 12k)
Cooling SEER: 6.8; Heating SCOP: 4.0
Application Area: 16-23 m2 / 172.2-247.6 sq. ft.
* Dual Purification System with Ionizer
* Hidden Display Screen
* Arctic Fox Remote Control with large LCD display and easy-touch controls
* Wi-Fi Control (optional Smart Kit required)
* Turbo Mode
* Flash Cool
* i-ECO Mode
* 1W Standby
* 8¢XC Heating
* 3D Surrounding Air Flow
* Louver Position Memory
* Quiet and Do-Not-Disturb Modes
* Follow Me Feature
* Timer Function and Weekly Programmable Schedule
* Smart Sleep and Personalized Sleep Mode*
* Smart Diagnosis*
* Auto Restart Function
* Automatic Self-cleaning
* 2-Way Draining
* Refrigerant Leakage Detect
* Diamond-cut Cabinet Outdoor Unit
* 5m Tubing Kit included (packed with condenser)
* CE Approved
Voltage: 220-240 Volts  50/60Hertz (can operate on both 50 or 60 cycles with DC Inverter technology)
Indoor Unit Specifications:
Net (cm): H 30 x W 81 x D 20
Net (inches): H 11.8 x W 31.9 x D 7.9
Packed (inches): H x W x D
Net Weight: 18.04 lbs/ 8.2 kg
Gross Weight: 27.28 lbs/ 12.4 kg
Outdoor Unit Specifications:
Net (cm): H 55.4 x W 80 x D 33.3
Net (inches): H 21.8 x W 31.5 x D 13.1
Packed (inches): H x W x D
Net Weight: 65.34 lbs/ 29.7 kg
Gross Weight: 75 lbs /28.8 kg (shipping weight)


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