Whirlpool HE EcoBoost Cabrio Washer
Whirlpool HE EcoBoost Cabrio Washer
Item Number: #WTW5700XW
Weight: 151.lbs

The NEW Whirlpool WTW5700 High Efficiency Cabrio Washer has arrived with Eco Boost technology.  It is currently available and has a matching Whirlpool Cabrio Electric Dryer to go along with it. With the latest Eco saving features, and a Delay Timer, it will allow you to do less in the Laundry Room to get your clothes cleaner, using less water while utilizing wash times that maybe more efficient.  Less water, less electricity, less complications, a washer of your dreams!


Welcome to the New Impeller Technology which allows for more sheets, more clothes, and more comforters to be washed effortlessly.  This new technology has a19 kg dry clothes tested capacity.  With a stainless steel tub, increased drainage and water flow technology the Cabrio holds more clothes than ever before. The New Whirlpool Cabrio High Efficiency washer has 6th sense technology, including the H2LOW wash system and Auto Load Sensing. This option automatically senses the size of the load to use less water and deliver better performance and gentleness.


Cabrio Washer with HE Styling (use with HE detergent only)
White Color with Grey Control Panel
Stainless Steel Basket 
3.6 Cu.ft. IEC Capacity
6th Sense Technology ( Auto Balance Sensing, Auto Water Level Sensing, Anti-Foam Correction)
New Eco Monitor
New Cycle progress indicator
New Presoak selector
New Eco Boost Selector
New Deep Clean selector
New Delay Wash selector (1-9 Hours)
Commercial Quality electronic temperature Control
H2Low wash system with Auto Load Sensing (saves on average 20 Gallons of water per load when compared with traditional top load washer; better cleaning performance and gentleness)
Precision Dispense provides best cleaning and care for every load by adding detergent, fabric softener and bleach at just right time during the cycle
Care Control Temperature Management adjusts cold & hot water inlets to maintain proper temperature levels; water stays sufficiently warm to dissolve detergent w/o getting hot enough to cause shrinking or color bleeding.
Electronic Controls displaying cycle status
Lid Lock with light control
Automatic Dispenser System holds and releases each additive at the appropriate time
Push Start/Pause/Unlock Button
Quiet Spin Technology and Quiet Wash Noise Reduction System
11 Automatic Cycles 
-Normal (default warm temp, high spin, medium soil level)
-Eco Normal (default warm temp, high spin, medium soil level)
-Casual (default cool temp, low spin, medium soil level)
-Bulky Items (default warm temp, low spin, medium soil level)
-Heavy Duty (default hot temp, high spin, extra heavy soil level)
-Rinse & Spin (cold temp, all spin speeds)
-Drain & Spin (default high spin)
-Soak (default cool temp, no spin, light soil level)
-Clean Washer (recommended every 30th wash with liquid chlorine bleach or AFFRESH)
-Delicate (default cool temp, low spin, light soil level)
-Quick Wash (default warm temp, high spin, light soil level)
4 Water Temperatures (Cold, Cool, Warm and Hot)
4 Variable Soil levels
3 Spin Speeds (No Spin, Low and High); 800 RPM maximum 
Extra Rinse Option
Fabric Softener Button
Fabric Softener and Bleach Dispensers



Net Dimensions (inches): H 43” x W 27 ½ ” x D 27” 
Net Dimensions (cm): H x W x D 
Net Weight: 63 kg / 140 lbs
Gross Weight: 68.6 kg / 151 lbs
Voltage: 230 Volt / 50 Hertz
Maximum Spin Speed: 800RPM
Energy Star Qualified
CEE Tier III Qualified

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